3A Steel

3A Steel produces a wide range of products, specializing its activities mainly in the field of production and sales of products, manufactured from stainless steel, including:
Production of electrical distribution panels, cabinets and sheds from stainless steel, providing the high degree of protection, intended for use in special environments and complying with the needs of the food- and processing industry, hotel and catering activities, hospitals and hotels, pharmacies, the pharmaceutics and other fields, intended for Bulgaria and for export to the EC countries;

Production of containers from stainless steel, intended for separate collection of wastes, products from stainless steel, intended for shaping and creation of parking spaces, gardens etc.;
Production of all kinds of standard and non-standard neutral products from stainless steel for complete furnishing for professional kitchens and kitchen units (tables, sinks, benches, cabinets, wheelbarrows, storage shelves etc.);

3A SteelProduction of workpieces, semi-finished and finished products from stainless and structural steel (where precise laser cutting, punching and high accuracy of the bending, welding and other operations is required), for Bulgarian and foreign companies, specialized in the field of production of finished metal products. The company can operate using completed drawings, or can design the products in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
Provision of various services in the field of metalworking for companies, specialized in production of metal items. The provision of such services offers to the users the following advantages:

  • - Saving of time for subsequent expensive processing operations and labor-intensive additional operations using universal machines;
  • - Reduced production time for the finished products;
  • - Opportunity to supply to the market finished products with improved quality and at lower prices, thus offering savings in the cost of their products.