Why in Bulgaria?

Защо в България?

Why outsourcing?

The outsourcing of productions and services is a relatively new phenomenon in the world’s industry, which rapidly gains speed. It helps the companies to solve their problems in connection with the functioning and development under the conditions of market economy by means of:

  • Reduction of the expenses;
  • Increased competitiveness and adaptation to the external environmental conditions;
  • Improved quality of the products and the services;
  • Reduction of the risks etc.

Due to the rapid development of the information technologies under the conditions of economic globalization, the outsourcing is subjected to fast development and according to the forecasts of many analysts further advances are expected in several times more extensive scale, thus becoming one of the major factors for competitiveness.

Why in Bulgaria?

Many companies from Western Europe have chosen Bulgaria based on the available competitive conditions and generally attractive business environment in the country:

  • Bulgaria is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe to be listed among the 10 most attractive destinations for outsourcing in the world.*

* (According to the annual study of the international consulting company “A.T.Kearney”, leading company in the field of management. The main factors to determine the attractiveness of the countries in the index are the total expenditures, the qualification of the workforce and the business environment. Bulgaria was included in the distribution index for the global services for the first time in 2005, occupying the 15-th rank among 40 most attractive destinations for outsourcing. In the index for 2006, Bulgaria has improved image for exporting of businesses, appearing in the top 10 in the ranking and occupying the 9-th place. Bulgaria is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe, present in top 10. Please refer to the study for 2007 here

  • The salaries are among the lowest in the European Union, and the forecasts are that during the next five years this trend shall continue. The competitive price of the labor force leads consequently to lower production expenses. Thus we are in a position to offer our products at very competitive prices.
  • In Bulgaria there are highly qualified and experienced staff – engineers and workers.
  • Bulgaria has strategic geographic location. Due to the short distances the transport and the logistics are facilitated;
  • Bulgaria is a member country of EU. The common history and traditions in Europe contribute for understanding and business collaboration.

Why we?

  • Because we use sheet metal processing machines of the latest generation, produced by the company Trumpf.
  • Because we offer high quality products at competitive prices , correct relations with our partners and we adhere to the production terms and delivery terms.
  • Because our personnel has high qualification and long years of experience in the field of metalworking.
  • Because we carry out permanent quality control at all levels and during the entire manufacturing cycle.
  • Because you can communicate with us in Bulgarian, French and English languages.
  • - Because our factory is situated at a communicative location, near international route E 871, only 41 km from the capital of Bulgaria; 75 km by international route E 80 from the border with Serbia and 154 km from the border with Greece by highway Sofia – Кulata, part of transport corridor No. 4.