The cutting of steels using laser technology is one of the fastest developing technologies in the field of metal working of flat sheet steel materials.

The combination of highly-concentrated energy of the beam with its precise controlling discloses immense horizons for applications of the laser cutting.

The use of laser beam as cutting tool has the following advantages:

  • Considerable reduction of the technological operations during the processing of workpieces with complicated configuration, made from sheet material, when there are requirements for speed and accuracy, in case of manufacturing of small- and middle-sized batches;
  • The short travel of the laser beam provides high speed, pace and precision of the laser cutting, while the width of the cut remains minimal;
  • High cleanness and accuracy of the cut, such that the cut area has high smoothness and does not require any additional processing;
  • Minimal zone of thermal influence near the edges of the cut material, which cannot be achieved by any alternative cutting technology;
  • High productivity, allowing processing of considerable number of workpieces within short period of time and in a continuous operating mode.

Regarding the technical specifications of the machines please refer to machines.