TruLaser 3030


Laser cutting center Trumpf – TruLaser 3030

The machine is capable of cutting workpieces from flat sheet steel, with extreme accuracy and high specifications regarding the shear:
with maximum power of the laser (programmable in steps of 1%) 3200 W
with dimensions of the sheet: 3 000 mm х 1 500 mm
with thickness of the sheet for:
- structural (general purpose) steel up to 20 mm
- stainless steel up to 12 mm
- aluminum and aluminum alloys up to 8 mm
with accuracy of manufacturing of the components:
the smallest programmable size of the travel < 0,001 mm
positioning deviation + 0,10 mm
average width of spreading during positioning + 0,03 mm
with maximum weight of the processed workpiece up to 710 кг

In addition to this, the machine is equipped with:

PierceLine – a system to control the punching process, which monitors and regulates the process and the punching quality depending on the type and the thickness of the material.

TruTopsLaser – technologically-oriented programming system, developed especially for flat-cutting laser equipment. TruToрs is not only CAD/CAM-system; it is also modern and technological knowledge in the field of processing of sheet materials.