TruBend 5130


Bending press for sheet material Trumpf – TruBend 5130

The machine carries out bending of workpieces:
with maximum length of bending up to 3 230 mm
with pressing force 1 300 kN
with working height at 100 mm usable height of the tool 1 050 mm
with bending accuracy and deviation in the coordinates of the axes
Y-axis 0,005 mm
X-axis 0,04 mm
R-axis 0,08 mm

In addition to this, the machine is equipped with:

  • automatic control over the bending operation, by means of rear automatic limiters with six axes and detecting units, providing precise control of the bending angle: ± 0,3°.
  • Rear limiter with CNC-control along the Х and R axes.